On October 5, I presented to Queen Margrethe II the letters of credence that officially accredit me as the Ambassador of the Portuguese Republic in Denmark.

It is my wish, over the next few years, to contribute to the deepening of the bilateral ties that unite Portugal and Denmark. The two countries are partners in the European Union, allies in NATO, support an international order based on shared principles and values, and stand firmly in support of the role played by the United Nations and the strengthening of multilateralism at the global level. There are, therefore, ample opportunities for joint action in the area of external relations that is important to develop and strengthen.

 Additionally, the Embassy will seek to further intensify the relationship between economic and cultural players and between civil societies in both countries, and consequently raising the profile of Portugal in Denmark. In order to reach these goals, I count on the collaboration of the Portuguese community living in this country. The personal and professional journey of each and every one of you is decisive for the consolidation of the prestige that the Portuguese enjoy in Denmark and that makes our work so much easier.

This website aims to provide general information and also to serve as a bridge between the Embassy and all those who are interested in Portugal and the services we can be of assistance. We will do our best to regularly update the information available, and whenever possible in its English and Danish versions as well, so that our messages will reach an increasingly broader group of readers. We will always be open to proposals that can improve our website.

Our goal is to make the Embassy closer to everyone. We look forward to your suggestions and our doors are open to welcome you!



       The Ambassador

       Rita Laranjinha

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